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My Italy Top Tips, Video & Stories Issue February 2022
February 23, 2022

There is wonderful news this month, Italy has followed the lead of most other EU countries in opening up. Health Minister Roberto Speranza has just signed an ordinance cancelling the quarantine obligation for those coming from countries outside the EU.

The new rules:
From 1 March, to enter Italy, it will be sufficient to:
- Be vaccinated
- Be cured
- Be in possession of a negative test.

The details are being confirmed and the new rules will apply from 1 March, with further easing expected before Easter...

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Apart from the good news on travel restrictions we had some bad news from Faceboook. I'll share more about that, about updated pages and a favorite recipe below...


Maria and I were so excited to be sharing my son's videos on Facebook. They take time and money for him to make and he'd earn a small share of Facebook advertising revenue from them - the earnings barely covered his costs but, at least it helped towards financing his passion for videos and photography.

Then Facebook knocked us with a low blow:

Their revenue for the first three months of this year may be a billion or two below the $30.25 billion analysts hoped for.

Scratching for every penny, they decided that small creators like us are an easy target. They told us: keep sharing your videos on Facebook; however, in future we'll keep ALL the revenue.

Because of this we have now decided NOT to share videos on Facebook again, therefore, all new videos will be on YouTube and on our websites only. You can enjoy them all, simply subscribe to our free YouTube Channel.

Pollo del Borgo

Fancy a trip to the Veneto? Well, Carla (one of our readers) shared this recipe with us. Carla reckons that one bite of this is like a virtual trip to Italy: just add some Italian music, lots of family and friends and you're about as close to Italy as you can get without taking a flight. Get your "ticket" to Italy here.

8 Unforgettable Destinations

From the very far north, right the way down to the heel of the Italain boot, we've updated our list of 8 Unforgettable Places in Italy. You'll find the updated list here.

Time for me to go - I promised to make the pasta sauce for lunch and I really don't want to mess it up: the ones eating the final dish are all Italian so talk about pressure ;-)

Ciao Andrew & Maria

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