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My Italy Top Tips, Video & Stories Issue December 2020
December 23, 2020

Well, 2020 is nearly over and soon a new year will be upon us. Hopefully it will be a year of dreams coming true and of life returning to normal.

Not the normal of before covid, but better than ever!

I have certainly learned a lot through the hardships and lockdowns of this year. I have understood more than ever how precious the things we often take for granted are: family, community, friends.

Maria and I have always believed in the old fashioned Italian way of life: appreciating simple pleasures, doing things slowly, savoring every moment.

This year we understood that this applies to life wherever it is lived.

Stories of priests risking their lives to give last rites, of communities making sure their most vulnerable are safe. Such stories lifted our spirits and gave us hope.

Many sacrificed so much.

All we had to do was not travel, wear a mask and not socialize. At the end of the day that wasn't a huge sacrifice, not compared to the ultimate sacrifice made by so many this year.

Then a big thank you to you and the rest of our community. You have helped to inspire us this year, kept us motivated to go on.

Financially, the support of our subscribers has been invaluable.

Thank you to those of you who purchased one of the beautiful handmade products made by our friends Claudio and Lisa (click the clock below for more of their products). Your purchase helped us, and them, to keep our heads above water and to keep bringing you the Italy we love.

Onto this month's stories...

Time to Return?

We've been asked this a lot. Maria's response, shared in a recent blog post, is below...

I hear from so many people frustrated about not being able to return to Italy. I feel for them. I know it is tough.

It is tough for us too. Our main source of income was hotel bookings and advertisers. That has all gone.

Despite the fact that I need you to return to make a living I want to be honest with you. I would not recommend visiting yet.

Our personal feeling is that Italy, Spain, France and others opened too soon.

That has led to a spike of cases.

Many will tell you to return, some genuinely believe that.

Others have a vested interest in your returning, because your not returning is costing them money.

It is costing our family money as well. We have no income too.

Yet, I cannot think only of my own selfish interest. I feel there is too much selfishness in this world as it is.

I truly believe this will eventually pass, maybe by next spring. Whenever it does pass I can promise you the return will be that much sweeter. Things we all took for granted will be appreciated that much more.

See you soon (but not TOO soon) in Italy.


Maria & family

Where to Go?

When you do start travelling again then you'll be faced with a lovely decision to make... where to go. To help you we have a video quiz...

Click here to find out where in Italy you belong.

Slowly Does It

When you travel do you rush around like a mad thing? Maria and I suggest you rather take it slow. Here is why.

That's it for this year. Please allow us to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a truly wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021.

Take care, stay safe and we will see you in the new year.

Andrew & Maria

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