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My Italy Top Tips , Issue #118-- My Italy in August
August 31, 2016

Welcome to My Italy in August

Sometimes visiting Venice can have such a profound effect on you that your life is never the same again. That's the story we'll share with you this month.

Then Tammy has an update on her new life in Calabria and the challenges she has faced.

Have you a bucket list? Well we've a few fabulous experiences in Italy you might want to add to it. In addition, we've eight unforgettable places to visit.

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1) Unforgettable. That's What You Are...

From the Langhe to Pitigliano – there are 8 unforgettable Italian destinations. Let's go visit.

2) "Where I Feel Like a Kid Again"

Frank sent us an emotional story of how he suffers from muscular dystrophy now and knows he will never return to Venice, the one place where he always felt like a child... happy and free. Here is the article.

3) Life in Calabria

Tammy, that super courageous Canadian mom who moved to Calabria, has shared a new update – click to catch up on all the latest news.

4) Experiences of a Lifetime

Here are 11 Italian experiences that we call our Italian Bucket List. Each one of them is an experience to treasure for life. How many have you done?

I'm making dinner tonight – Maria is taking the night off – so I've got to run... before I set fire to the kitchen. With me cooking anything is possible.

Ciao for now
Andrew & Maria

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