Can You Recommend a US Company to Insure our House in Italy

by Phillip Infelise
(Parker, COm USA)

The previous owners were Irish and they insured thru a UK Company. That company will not insure non WU residents. Can you recommend a US company that can help us. FYI - our home in CO is insured thru State Farm. Thank You.

Our reply:

We would love to help you. However and unfortunately, we cannot make recommendations of specific insurance companies in Italy or anywhere else as we not a registered financial service provider.

From what I've heard from others in the USA though, I believe it is difficult to get insurance from an American company for real estate in Italy.

Perhaps speak to State Farm first though as they are your current insurer and see what they can offer? They may be able to insure your house in Italy as an add on to your current insurance policy.

If they are unable to help then you may be best off insuring your home in Italy through an Italian insurance company. They are still expensive but they are a lot better than they were. Also, the process is a lot less complicated and more affordable than it was 10 or even 5 years ago.

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