Cancelling home insurance in Italy

Can you also tell us how to cancel home insurance in Italy?

I have a home insurance policy with an Italian insurance company but now that I'm in the process of selling the place, I will cancel the policy.

The agent asks me for the deed of sale but that was never asked when I purchased the place. I do not have a mortgage in Italy on that place, so I should be able to just send them a letter cancelling the policy?

Handing over a deed of sale seem too inquisitive as it has many details in it that I feel highly uncomfortable sharing and are private (for ex, name of the buyer and sales amount). This information should not be needed for just simply cancelling the policy.

Would you please also include that kind of information on your website because that makes the information full circle?

Thank you!

Our Reply: Unfortunately we cannot give out personal advice on anything regarding finance or insurance. However; you should find the information you need on You can use Google to translate it to English if needed.

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