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My Italy Top Tips, Video & Stories Issue November 2021
November 30, 2021

As another difficult year draws to a close I thought I'd offer you a good laugh; ten of the craziest questions Maria and I have been asked over the years... and our answers.

We've a new video too and a way for you to always keep up with our latest news.

Okay, let's go to Italy...

10 Crazy Questions

From complaints about the way Italians cook pasta, to learning Latin for that next vacation in Italy, you'll be amazed at the questions we are asked. Here are the top 10.

Actually, it was partly because of the huge numbers of questions that we receive (sometimes a hundred a day) that we started the supporter's section, it helps us to prioritize and to get to know our supporters better.

A Virtual Itinerary

It still amazes me, the variety of landscapes, traditions, cuisines and cultures. Italy is a mad and crazy puzzle of a million different pieces: put it all together and it is everything you could possibly desire from life.

You'll get a 4 minute view of a fraction of the diverse pieces of the puzzle by watching this video.

Loved by Romans

Whenever we add a new article or share newsworthy stories from Italy they appear first on the blog page of our website. Perhaps bookmark it, that way you can check in once a week to see if their is anything new. Here is the link.

Can you believe it, only a little over three weeks until Christmas - I'm another year older and none the wiser.

Our last newsletter for 2021 should be out two or three day before Christmas, so keep an eye out for that.

Andrew & Maria

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