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Last month we had quite a bit about the Langhe and I had a number of requests asking about wine estates to visit in the area. I have a whole lot of places I love but I haven’t put this on the site yet. The reason is that some of the estates are difficult to visit, often you need to phone ahead or they only open certain days. Please feel free to contact me though and I will mail you a list of some of these estates.

This month we start looking at ski resorts. Piedmont is a great place to ski and we have been visiting some of the resorts in anticipation.

In addition I am now getting good at this map thing and I have managed to do one featuring the best beaches and hotels in Sardinia. For the rest we revisit a great restaurant and the recipe this month is

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1) Buying Property

I am currently helping some friends to buy a property in Piedmont and I often get asked about this. Buying property in Italy is a very good idea. Italy has been perhaps the least affected country by the global property slump and returns are good.

The best properties in Italy are those listed only by Italian agents or private sales and these are sometimes difficult to access if you don’t speak the language.

If you want help or advice contact me through the site – I don’t charge anything and it would be great to hear from you.

2) Barolo

I featured this article on Barolo a while back but I have since added a little more information and this summer we discovered a great old house converted into a hotel. It is an exceptional place to stay and reasonably priced too.

3) Restaurants in Piedmont

I have often been asked for a few more maps on the site but until now I could not figure out how to put them on. Finally I have and these are a few featuring some of our restaurant picks.

4) A Simple Little Biscotti Recipe

Biscotti otherwise known as Italian cookies or biscuits are really easy to make and a real Italian classic – get the recipe here.

<> that is all for September and I will be back next month with more.

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