Italian Food Books Guide

This page features the Italian food books, written in English, that my wife and I have found to be the best.

My wife, Maria, is Italian and knows a thing or two about good cooking so if she thinks a book is good you can be sure it is.

The books are divided into two categories.

The first category is made up of those books about Italian cooking in general.

This is followed by my favourite cook books on the superb cuisine of the regions of Piedmont, Sardinia and Marche/Umbria.

Italian Food Books Picks

Everyday Pasta

First on the list is this book which is an absolute classic. You probably already have this Italian recipe book as it is so popular and really essential for all pasta lovers. Our edition has been so used over the years that it is now very dog-eared. The recipes are easy to follow and many are very simple yet really delicious. The ideal recipe book for those quick but special dinners.

La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy

This book is everything we love about Italian cooking, simple genuine recipes made with the finest ingredients. If you buy just one Italian cook book in your life this is the one. The recipes have been collected from nonnas and mammas across the length and breadth of Italy. They are exactly how you would eat in Italy.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Marcella has really produced a winner with this book. It is very comprehensive and includes many of the more elaborate Italian dishes. This book really helps you to realize just how much more there is to Italian cooking than just pasta and pizza. Some really great recipes and very well presented. Ideal for those who want to try more advanced Italian cooking.

Piedmont/Sardinia and Le Marche Cook Books

Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey: The Mediterranean Flavors of Sardinia

There are very few decent cookbooks about the cuisine of Sardinia (for more on this cuisine click here) – this is the best of them. Efisio is one of the most famous Sardinian chefs and his sheer love of the magical island of Sardinia and the island’s cuisine infuses this book from beginning to end. Many of the recipes in this book are virtually unknown outside of Sardinia but boy are they tasty!! The photos are also exceptional - a beautiful journey through perhaps the most beautiful of the Mediterranean islands.

Cucina of Le Marche: A Chef's Treasury of Recipes from Italy's Last Culinary Frontier

Le Marche has very few good English language cookbooks focusing on the cuisine of the region. This is my pick; the author is a native of Le Marche and is an award winning chef. The recipes are 100% authentic but they are not always the easiest to's worth the effort though! A refreshingly unpretentious book by a chef who will no doubt become a lot more famous in years to come.

Autumn in Piemonte: Food and Travels in Italy's Northwest

I bought this magnificent book last Christmas in Italy. We both now love it. In these covers you'll discover our world, our little corner of Italy in hardcover. The author is both poet and cook, she succeeds brilliantly in evoking the atmosphere of Piedmont and sharing the great recipes and food of what is perhaps Italy’s greatest culinary region. The photos are exceptional and together with the passionate writing of the author they will have you longing to follow in her footsteps. Definitely one of the best Italian food books around.

A Passion for Piedmont: Italy's Most Glorious Regional Table

A Passion for Piedmont was recommended to me by one of my Australian visitors who, after reading the book, fell so in love with Piedmont that he has visited twice and is hoping to live here one day. I have since read the book and I definitely agree with the exceptional rating he gave it. A Passion for Piedmont features over 150 of the best Piemonte recipes, lots about wines and much else all in a very well presented book.

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Essentials of Italian Cuisine & the Silver Spoon Not rated yet
If you want to learn to cook real Italian style and not the faux Italian cooking that is the subject of oh so many books then Essentials of Classic Italian …

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I hope you have enjoyed my guide to these Italian food books and Italian recipe books that I love!!

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