A Country House in Italy

One of my dreams has always been to restore a country house in Italy. Tuscany is the region of Italy that everyone who has seen Under the Tuscan Sun always thinks of. And, yes, Tuscany is fabulous, but it is expensive.

Okay, so what about those one Euro houses we've all read about? Well, Maria (my wife) and I have done a lot of research into this, and the results have been, quite frankly, terrifying. You'll see all the pitfalls and minefields we discovered in our The Truth Behind Those 1 Euro Homes article. So, that is out for us as an option.

I still have that dream of finding an old country house somewhere in the Le Marche or Piedmont countryside and turning it into the home I've always dreamed of. I have not been able to afford to do this, and my wife thinks I'm crazy anyway.

Unfortunately, it remains a passion and a dream.

Some lucky people do live the dream, though, and it is for this reason that I have decided to feature the houses and villas of those who manage to carry out this labor of love and who do it well.

In most cases, the owner has done exactly what I would have done. The only thing is that they have done it a lot better than I ever could have.

Good news too...you can get make these lovely houses your home when you next visit Italy

Relais Villa Giulia

Relais Villa Giulia

A truly exceptional country house. Italy has many magnificent villas which have been converted into hotels or guest houses but few are as special as the Relais Villa Giulia, once home to Napoleon's stepson. Discover more for yourself with a click here or read my article.

The Old Schoolhouse

Old Schoolhouse in Italy

The Old Schoolhouse was once the village's local school. Children would travel here from far and wide, from local farms, and from nearby villages. With time, more modern schools were built in the towns and villages, and the number of children living on the surrounding farms became fewer and fewer. And so, this beautiful old building was left to decay for many decades until someone finally saw the potential. It has now been faithfully restored and converted into a beautiful country home that can accommodate a single couple or even up to four couples in great style and privacy in a gorgeous setting. Read my review here.

More of Le Marche

For some other hotels that we like in le Marche click here.

If you've never heard of Le Marche, or know very little about it, then you are in for a real treat. Have a look at just what wonderful landscapes and unforgettable towns this region of Italy has awaiting your discovery here. 

It is every bit as lovely as Tuscany, yet with none of the huge numbers of tourists that tarnish the enjoyment of Tuscany in summer.

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