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How about sailing around Sardinia on a yacht this summer? All being well that is what we will do this summer and it is a surprisingly economical way of seeing Sardinia, Elba and Sicily. We have some updated information on this in our newsletter.

Another great way of visiting Italy and understanding the country better is to learn the language and we feature a great school in Sardinia. Normally everybody thinks of Rome or Tuscany when considering learning Italy but Sardinia is great and far better value too.

Once again we have put together the results of last year’s hard work checking out beaches. Not at the sea this time but those on Lake Garda. This rating of beaches thing is really the kind of job I love. Now I can spend hours lying in the sun and call it work!!

Asparagus, mouth-wateringly simple, is this month’s recipe.

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1) Sail around Sardinia

I know next to nothing about boats but I can assure you little beats mooring in an azure bay and spending the day swimming, lazing on deck or rowing ashore to relax on glorious beaches. It is very easy to organize too and not expensive, just fill out the form on our boating page to will begin looking for the perfect boat for you without any obligation. Find out more here.

2) Italian – Sardinian Style

Learning Italian in Sardinia is above all else great fun. You will learn as much or more than in Rome or Florence but you will have a far better time. The Pintadera school in Alghero is one of the best on the island. Click to read more about this great school.

3) The Beautiful Beaches of Lake Garda

I don’t much like pebble beaches and most of Lake Garda’s beaches are pebbles or shale. However all is not lost as there are some great sandy beaches and to be honest some of the pebble ones are not at all bad. These are the best of them.

4) Asparagus – Simply Delicious

Not a lot to this recipe. The important thing is to use good fresh green asparagus and the right cheese. You can get the recipe here.

Maria and I will be back again in early May. <> we wish you and your family a lovely Easter.

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