Italian in Sardinia

Thinking of learning Italian in Sardinia? Alghero is ideal. The town is one of the most charming on the island, well situated near some of the most beautiful of Sardinia’s beaches. Low-cost airline Ryan Air flies to Alghero from many European cities.

Pintadera School in Alghero

One of the best language schools in Alghero, and indeed in Sardinia, is the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera.

The school is small and welcoming and is run by two very dedicated and extremely competent ladies.

Here you will learn not only Italian but much else about Sardinia as well. The school will take you on a journey of exploration through the fascinating customs, traditions, and cuisine of this magical island. From cooking classes to excursions to the nearby archaeological sites, the school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to discover the unique beauty of Sardinia.

All the teachers are well-qualified college graduates with years of experience. Perhaps even more importantly, they all love what they do, and this is clearly seen in their enthusiasm and motivation. It is not a chore to learn Italian here; it is great fun!

Classes are small, with never more than six in a class. A good idea if you are pressed for time is their weekly crash course in Italian. The course is perfect for those who want to learn Italian without interrupting too much of their holiday; in fact, the course adds to the holiday's enjoyment.

The classes are generally held in the late afternoon, which means you still get the day off to enjoy the beach and finish just in time to participate in the local nightlife.

Moreover, the school provides a comfortable and friendly environment that encourages students to interact with each other and the teachers. It is not uncommon for students to form lifelong friendships with their classmates or even with the school's staff.

The school's location is another advantage. Alghero is a beautiful town on the northwest coast of Sardinia, known for its beaches, medieval architecture, and rich history. The town has a relaxed atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife, making it an ideal destination for students who want to learn Italian while having fun.

Visit the Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera school site and if you want to do a course here don’t wait too long, book now as the courses fill up very quickly.

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