A novel of Langhe

by Suzanne Hoffman
(Vail, Colorado, USA)

"Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love & War"("Amore e guerra in Alta Langa") is my historical novel I penned during the frightening months of isolation in 2020. It tells the story of two socially disparate, plucky girls coming of age in Mussolini’s Italy. Social norms do not constrain them.

Sara, a spirited Barbaresco farm girl eschews that life to nurse the poor. An even greater calling awaits her after the Nazis pour into Piemonte in October 1943, bringing with them the warped ideology of the Final Solution.

Doretta, the strong-willed daughter of a Fascist Jewish banker, yearns for a life as a lawyer, not as the mother of sons that Mussolini demands of women. The book is my love letter to Langhe, inspired by the historical and cultural discoveries I made during my first 21 years of exploring Piemonte.

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