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Italian Cooking Courses

I get a lot of requests from people asking me which is the best Italian cooking course to do or which is the best Italian cook book to buy.

This page shares some of the courses that Maria (my wife and personal chef) and I feel confident about recommending.

All these courses are run by genuine people with a great love for Italy and Italian food.

They share their love for food with a passion and the dishes that come out of their kitchen's will leave you astounded and your mouth watering!

Particularly wonderful is the warm and bubbly Mamma at the Centro Culturale Conero (photo and more info further down the page).

First of all the easiest and cheapest way to learn how to cook like an Italian is through books. Maria has put together her Italian cookbook guide which should get you started.

Recommended Cooking Schools

Centro Culturale Conero

Italian Cooking - Mamma Ledi

This is a fabulous place to learn to cook in the traditional Le Marche (Marchigiana) way.

The cooking courses taught by a typical Italian Mamma are legendary.

All the courses are very hands-on and not at all expensive.

A word of warning though, you need to have a big appetite, this Mamma expects you to eat everything afterward and accepts NO excuses.

Mamma unfortunately doesn’t speak much English but this really is not a problem as the courses are very easy to follow and she is so enthusiastic that you really do understand everything.

Her passion is catchy too.

Visit the Centro Culturale di Conero site if you would like more info.

Scuola Italia in Urbania


Scuola Italia offers a short 12 hour course, over four days, that is ideal for those on holiday.

The school is located in one of the loveliest parts of Le Marche and courses start from only 150 Euros. More details are available from the Scuola Italia website.

Tuscan Cooking Courses

Chef in Tuscany

We have a friend, a chef trained in traditional Italian cooking - both in the "official" sense (he's had a chef's training)  and, more importantly, trained by his Mamma and Nonna.

Chef Francesco can offer you the most incredible cooking experience: either in his country cottage, tucked away in a beautiful corner of Tuscany, or else he is happy to cook for you in your residence/villa/apartment in Tuscany.  If you are interested please contact me below...

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Other Recommendations

Can't get to Italy? Well, if you are in New York try the courses run by Viviane Bauquet Farre - I have written a little about her previously and you can read my article here. 

Viviane is a quite remarkable chef and offers some excellent Italian style courses.

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