Travel Insurance for Italy

I never really thought much about travel insurance. I pretty much thought it was something that everyone took out.

I never even bothered to talk about it on my website.

Man in suit on bike in ItalyTake your journey with complete peace of mind.

We were wrong!

Once the Covid pandemic began I started hearing from our followers worldwide. Many of you are like dear friends to me and my wife Maria. 

The stories we heard broke our hearts. So many people asked us to help out, to assist where we could. 

Stuck far from home. Sometimes sick.

All were scared.

In many cases travel agents were too overwhelmed to help, airlines were impossible to contact. 

These poor people had no insurance. No one to turn to.

My family and I did what we could to help.  Our Secret Italy subscribers were a priority but we assisted many other too, whenever and wherever we could.

It taught us 3 things:

  1. Never travel without insurance.
  2. In future, we needed to offer people a good travel option on the website.
  3. One should always be prepared for EVERYTHING, no matter how unlikely. 

That's why, after painstakingly researching travel insurance partners, we have teamed up with to offer you a solution. Bringing you the travel peace of mind you and your family need.

With Covid-19, and so many other risks these days, I am taking no chances.

I recommend you do the same.

Travel knowing that you aren't in this alone. That they've got your back.

Your only responsibility? To have the vacation of a lifetime... in complete peace of mind.

Why Do We Recommend

7 reasons...

  1. Covid-19 showed that many companies do not live up to their promises; travelers were abandoned across the globe by tour companies and many airlines. However, the pandemic proved that is different. The testimonials of clients, sharing how was there for them during the Covid-19 pandemic, are proof of that.
  2. Personal attention. Policies are made for you. 
  3. Organizing your travel insurance shouldn't be a time consuming nightmare. makes the process fast, simple and pleasant. 
  4. Over 70? Many companies won't insure you. will.
  5. Amazingly responsive, kind and understanding customer service.
  6. Unbeatable value in one place: best policies at the best prices.
  7. Traveling for a wedding, to spend time with family or simply to expand your horizons? Whatever your reason they will  tailor make the perfect solution. 

Don't waste another moment. Plan for tomorrow. 

Even with Covid-19 your travel dreams, those special memories, should not be sacrificed.

Time is short.

You may never have another chance to do those things you've always dreamed of doing, to reach those far away places you long to see. 

Insure that those dreams come true with

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