Best Sardinia Beaches Guide

Sardinia is truly paradise when it comes to beaches.

The beaches on this fabulous island are the best beaches to be found in the Mediterranean, and many are among the best beaches anywhere in the world.

Beach in Sardinia/Sardegna

Elsewhere on our site, we have put together a guide to those beaches,  that we believe are the best five Sardinian beaches with some great beach photos too (view the Best Sardinia Beach Guide here)Our favorite beaches are mostly on the east coast, but there are other lovely beaches throughout the island and our Costa Smeralda Beach guide covers the best beaches along Sardinia's most famous coast .

This page, though, is dedicated to the superb Sardinian beaches our visitors have discovered, beaches like Chia Beach and Cartoe Beach.

Your Best Sardinia Beach


June Daniel's Recommends...

"A recommendation to you if you have not yet found it, is a Hotel called Monteviore Hotel.The setting is spectacular, the food was some of the best we had and the price good. The Hotel is situated as you go through the tunnel at the top of Cala Gonone turn left and follow this road for about 10 mins, the Hotel is on the right down a road about 1.5km."

Andrew's reply: Personally, I would recommend the excellent value Hotel Bue Marino, which is right on the beach. Boats to the very best beaches in Sardinia and all of Italy leave from just a short walk away. 

Guido & Gabriella LOVE Baia di Chia

"There are lot of beaches in the bay and and a beautiful salt-water lake just behind the bay called Stagno di Chia, full of pink flamingos. Much of the bay area is delightfully rural and unspoiled and though close to Cagliari a beach vacation here gives the feeling of peaceful isolation." Read more of Guido's review here.

More Beach Ideas...

Alghero has some lovely beaches too..

Another candidate as one of the best beaches in Italy. Ceridwen Harwood sent some stunning photos of Maria Pia Beach and shared why this beach means so much to her.

Mary from the USA and I agree on Biderossa beach - Mary writes...

"Most of your website visitors would perhaps choose the fabulous Cala Luna over Biderossa, drawn by its renowned beauty. However, for me, it's the mesmerizing journey through a forest, where nature's embrace gives way to breathtaking views of the intensely turquoise ocean, that sets Biderossa apart. As I walk upon its seemingly endless stretch of flawless sand, this pristine beach holds a special place in my heart, making it my absolute favorite coastal oasis. I miss it so much when I am away"

Sue recommends Cartoe Beach:

" Cartoe, 20 minutes north of Cala Gonone, is a beautiful sandy beach, with the sea being a translucent aquamarine color and so very clear. We sat on the north side of the beach with only a couple of other people; we could not see one single man-made construction, and we could see for miles. The snorkeling was also the best we had seen all along that coast. I heard someone say that you sometimes even see turtles when you snorkle here. I am not sure how true that is though."

Poetto Beach & Cagliari are Joan's choice

Poetto Beach might not be Cala Luna or the Villasimius beaches, but it is a lovely beach and an enormous beach too, long and wide, about five miles long, I think. Because of its huge size, it is never overly crowded either. I love it early in the morning, though, when there is absolutely nobody about and I can enjoy my long walks along the beach.

What's Your Favorite Beach in Italy?

I would love to hear from you as to which beach you think is the best beach in Sardinia, Liguria or indeed Italy. Please let me know.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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I'm sure each small stretch of soft sand has a name, but I'm happy to group my opinion around a simply labeled BEACHES OF CHIA as my favorite this far. …

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