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Italian real estate is attracting increasing numbers of international investors and you can see why when you look at some of the Piedmont property photos on this page.

The country offers fabulous properties in some of the world’s most sought after locations.

The buying procedure is very simple (read our guide here) and with no capital gains tax Italy is a smart choice in every way.

It does pay though to do your homework before buying and to that end Buying a Home in Italy: A Survival Handbook is excellent in providing you with the tools you need to make the right decisions.

When I purchased for the first time I really read as much as I possibly could and literally devoured every article I could find. I can promise you time spent now will pay off in the end.

Try to to visit as much of Italy as you can, every region offers something unique but it's normally very different from region to region. It's vital to know what you really want and travel Italy to find it.

The onset of cheap airlines flying into Italy has meant that areas like Piedmont, Sardinia and le Marche, all of which which were once relatively unknown, are now very easy to get to. These areas and a few others offer incredible bargains and far better value for money than the likes of Spain.

I think you'll find too that between them these three regions offer nearly everthing that makes Italy special. From some of the best beaches in the world, great mountain peaks, rolling vineyard covered hills and of course elegant and historic cities and towns.

Visit the following pages for a little more info on property in these areas:

1) Piedmont

1) Le Marche

3) Sardinia

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Our first visitor to submit a house has submitted this lovely house in a beautiful Piedmont setting.

Another beautiful home near Turin owned by a regular site visitor.

wine estates in Piedmont Italy

Then there is this incredible wine estate for sale- click for details.

We have a lot of other properties available (the photos below show just some of them) and we will do our utmost to find the property of your dreams. Just fill in our enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will start searching for you. Please visit our insurance and mortgage page for some useful tips.

A Few of our Italian Properties for Sale

Italian property for sale
Piedmont Italy house for sale
A typical Italian garden

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