Tours of Piedmont

Piedmont is a land of magnificent scenery, superb food and some of the best wines in Italy. It is also little known and not always easy to explore on your own, many of the most wonderful places in Piedmont are not in any guide book.

The solution...

Lake in Piedmont

...take a tour of Piedmont organized by people with insider knowledge. To this end I have put together a selection of remarkable Piedmont tours, tours that will allow you to experience all that is magical about Piedmont and to visit places that are undiscovered - even by many people in Piedmont.

Absolutely exceptional and truly delightful, I have no hesitation in highly recommending these tours.

Food, Wine...from Turin

Neive Neive

First of all is a tour that combines three of life's greatest pleasures... food, wine and Piedmont's scenery.

The tour covers the wine region of Piedmont: the Langhe, home to majestic Barolo and Barbaresco and leaves from the lovely little town of Neive - a town I absolutely adore.. Tours run from early spring to early fall. Get the details of this wine tour here.

City of Mysteries

Piazza Castello, Turin

Turin is an enigma. What you see on the surface is nothing like the "real" city that the locals know and love. Almost like peeling an onion, Turin is revealed slowly, layer by layer. You could live in Turin for years and grow to understand the city or you could take this amazing tour. 

Piedmont Food Tour

Turin view of Mole Antonelliana

The Slow Food movement, born in Piedmont, celebrates local food traditions and, every two years, Slow Food holds an enormous food fair, the Salone del Gusto, in Turin. Turin truly is one of the gourmet capitals of Italy and yet, outside of Italy, it has not yet been discovered.  Discover just how wonderful the the food culture and traditional dishes of this city and Piedmont are for yourself with this gourmet food tour.

The Dolce Tour of Turin

Pastries in Italy

Turin is known as the Dolce Capital of Italy. It was here that chocolate was first introduced to Italy and many, including me, still think they make the best chocolates in all of Italy. We love the chocolates so much we even wrote and article about them

It is not just chocolate though, Turin is famous throughout Italy for its pastries, gelato and something called a Bicerin. You'll discover it all and get a taste of why I love Turin so much with this tour.

Cycle Tour of Piedmont

Piedmont by Alexander Strahilov

The hills of Piedmont wine country are renowned for their wine and truffles. The perfect way to explore the country lanes, charming villages, vineyards, and castles of this area is by bike. Combine your exploration of the breathtakingly beautiful scenery with a gourmet eating and drinking experience second to none. Although my recommendation is to leave the wine tasting until the day's cycling is done,  Click here for more about cycling in Piedmont and elsewhere in Italy.

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