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While my site primarily focuses on Marche, Piedmont, Liguria, and Sardinia, I couldn't resist the temptation to introduce luxury villas in two more of my beloved Italian regions: Veneto and the Lake District area around Lake Maggiore.

The Veneto holds a special place in our hearts as it is where my wife's family hails from, and my wife has a website called that covers this region in detail. Click here to visit her site; it may well be the start of a lifetime's love affair with the Veneto.

Meanwhile, Lake Maggiore, together with Italy's most romantic lake, Lake Orta (more about Lake Orta here), has been the backdrop to countless cherished summer weekends. Both of these regions offer unparalleled beauty, a deep-rooted historical legacy, and a culinary experience to savor.

The accommodations I feature may not be the most budget-friendly, but rest assured, each one has received my personal seal of approval. They consistently embody the pinnacle of quality, making them the perfect choice for independent travelers seeking a taste of luxury during their Italian holiday. Moreover, these properties are well-suited for those who wish to turn special occasions, such as weddings, into truly unforgettable moments.

With an array of meticulously selected venues, these regions come alive in the most enchanting way, promising a holiday filled with sophistication, style, and unmatchable memories. Whether you're considering a romantic getaway, a family reunion, or a significant celebration, the properties in Veneto and the Lake Maggiore District offer a sublime backdrop for your Italian dream escape.

If you are looking for five-star hotel accommodation, then I would suggest you visit my luxury hotels in Venice page where you will find my choice of the best hotels in Venice.

Luxury Homes in Italy

The Villa Cipriano in Asolo

Asolo villa gardens

I've always loved Asolo; it is like one always dreams Italy to be: quaint cobbled streets lined with cute cottages, hills of olive groves, rambling grapevines, cypress trees, and quaint little piazze of such perfection. You just know that the idea of an aperitivo was simply designed for such a spot.

So often, places never live up to expectations, but this town truly does—far exceeding them; it is the Italian dream come to life. In such a landscape of dreams, one needs to stay in the villa of one's dreams, and we have found just the villa. It is impeccably restored and furnished, with views that bring a tear to the eye and a garden that is truly splendid. The perfect place to begin exploring the Veneto For more details click here.

The Villa Barchessa Palladio: Near Treviso & Venice

Palladian Villa

This beautiful and elegant 16th-century Venetian villa is in true Palladian style. Built by the Count Marcello and still owned by the same family. If you seek the exceptional, then this villa is the answer. Immaculately furnished in period style. Located near Venice, the villa can accommodate up to eight people. For those looking for a wedding of true perfection, or a villa near Venice, this is the venue.  For more information and lots of photos of the wonders awaiting you click here.

Villa in Veneto near Venice

Villa Il Motto: Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore

A gorgeous villa on the shores of Lake Maggiore, boasting some of the most beautiful views of the lake I've ever seen. Stroll about the magnificent garden, and you'll be in for a treat as picture postcard views await around every turn. The villa itself is immaculate, bright, and airy, with great views too. Open the French doors on arrival, and the enchantment of an Italian summer rushes in to embrace you. Truly unforgettable. For more about the villa and some great photos of that view click here.

cars in Italy

Villa Paola - 30 minutes Drive from Venice

Feel like royalty in this noble villa, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of modern city living.

Nearby, you have some of the most prestigious thermal spas in all of Italy, and even Venice is only an hour away. For more details click here.

For more luxury accommodation in Venice click here.

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