Where & How to Learn Italian?

Why learn Italian?

Because the Italian language is without any doubt one of the most beautiful languages, a language that seems to capture the extraordinary essence and spirit of Italy. Learn Italian and you will find your time in Italy so much more enjoyable.

Italians really appreciate foreigners making an effort to speak Italian, no matter how poor the attempt, you will find Italians will encourage you.

How to Start Learning Italian?

The really good news is that learning Italian is easy. I spoke very little Italian on arrival in Italy.

All you need to do is a software language course. I did the Rosetta Stone Italian courses but there are now far better value and cheaper books and cd courses.

I followed up the Italian software course with a course at the Dante Alighieri School, and I am now completely fluent. I can assure you I am far from a genius so if I can do it anyone can.

Learn Italian

“Students at Pintadera in Alghero, Sardinia”

The ideal way to learn is through a school, ideally in Italy. Piedmont, Marche and Sardinia are ideal for this but Tuscany or Rome are not. The reason is simple, in Tuscany there are too many English speaking people. The result is that while at school you study Italian but outside of school hours you mix with English speaking people and speak only English.

For those who can make it over to Italy I've vetted a number of schools in Piedmont, Sardinia and Marche, at least my wife has. She's a teacher, Italian and knows exactly what to look for in a good school.

We don't bother to list the bad or mediocre schools - only great ones feature here.

Can't get to Italy?

There are the many excellent Italian cd courses and learn italian books on the market. This is our selection of the best of them.

Learn Italian in Italy - The Schools

Marche Schools

The Dante Alighieri School in Mondavio

This superb school is situated in Mondavio (one of the loveliest le Marche villages) has a lot going for it. First and foremost they are great at teaching Italian but that is just the beginning... click for more.

The Scuola Italia in Urbania

A fabulous place to study Italian in Italy. You won't find any unnecessary bureaucracy or formality here. This is a small, down to earth and very friendly place run by a group of bubbly thirty something ladies and Roberto.

Scuola Dante Alighieri of Camerino

How about a holiday in one of the loveliest corners of Le Marche? Well, that is what you get at this school. While you learn and absorb Italian your teachers act as the best guides to Le Marche and even to places like Florence, Assisi and Rome. Join in at local festivals and take part in folk celebrations. 

After a short while you really do feel right at home, chatting away in Italian at the event evenings and dinners the school organises. Courses can be tailored to requirement and include, but are not limited to: Italian for business, individual conversation, Italian for the tourism industry and even Italian for opera singers. Click here for more.

Piedmont Schools

Homestay and Personalized Italian Lessons

Lucia offers Italian lessons for students of any age. Right on the doorstep of Italy's most romantic lake...Lake Orta. Become a member of this friendly family for a week or longer and learn more Italian than you'd ever have believed possible.

Classes involve conventional excercises and learning at a desk combined with sightseeing, reading newspapers and watching and discussing Italian films, all based on a student’s preferences and level.

Your visit is tailored to suit your interests. So if it is museums, nature (from the lakes to mountains) ,wine or anything else you particularly enjoy Lucia will take that into account in making your stay unforgettable.

Lucia can host a single student or a couple. Parents with children or babies are welcome. For more click here.

The Italiano Porticando school in Turin

The Italiano Porticando is a delightful, small and friendly school situated in the Quadrilatero Romano, the historical heart of Turin. Visit them here.

The University of Turin

They have wonderful short courses on the Italian language, art and culture.

The Italian Virtual School

A lot of fabulous options on learning Italian; they do a great cooking course as well and offer an excellent homestay program.  Have a look at their website for more details.

Sardinian Schools

Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera

Situated in the fabulous town of Alghero this school is the perfect place to learn Italian while at the same time enjoying a fantastic holiday. Click for more info.

L'Accademia in Cagliari

This is the only school I recommend in the South of Sardinia. It is a superb choice for anyone wishing to learn Italian in Italy and a very economical one too.

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Another school in Sardinia is this one.  

While in Le Marche you can try the Centro Culturale.

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