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Discovered! A different Italy. Most visitors to Italy know Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany. There is SO much more.

Far from the everyday Italian tourist traps there is another Italy. A rather special Italy.

Join me and my wife Maria in exploring the places, people and products of Piedmont, le Marche, Liguria, Sardinia and the many undiscovered gems scattered across Italy.

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Montemerano - Oh I love you!

Balconies, flower boxes, the inevitable washing on lines, wall plants, pots; and intricate stone. Another garden village I wish I lived in. One does get wistful in Montemerano.

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Subscribe to A Secret Italy

Become a part of the Secret Italy Club. Membership is open for a short while longer and we'd like you to be a part of the family.

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Picture Book Italy - Portofino

Picture postcard perfect, that's what you get when you visit Portofino. You sometimes you feel it can't be real. Let me share this idyllic town with you.......

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Cable Car Tragedy Continues...

Such Moments Make a Vacation in Italy

A Family from the USA Move to Spello

A family's tale of courage and adventure in the enchanting town of Spello. Inspirational reading for those dreaming of living in Italy.

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Easy Chicken Cacciatore

Need a great recipe for authentic homemade chicken cacciatore? Look no further, we have THE authentic Chicken Cacciatore Recipe direct from Piemonte Italy.

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Tornado Hits Italy!

2 killed, 9 others injured and extensive damage as a tornado devastates the small Italian island of Pantelleria. Pantelleria is a small island (population 7759) off the south coast of Sicily and is part of the Sicilian province of Trapani.

Italy to Make Vaccines Compulsory?

At a press conference Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said he believed 80% of Italians over 12 would be vaccinated by end September and they will soon start rolling out booster shots to the vulnerable.

He strongly implied that once all the "willing" are vaccinated they will likely make vaccination mandatory. The age groups, for whom it will be compulsory, have not yet been clarified, but that is likely to be explained in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, he emphasized that more and more activities, events and businesses would require proof of vaccine: the Green Pass as it is known in Italy. Already, all healthcare workers need to be vaccinated, indoor dinning requires proof of vaccine, so do museums and many forms of public transport.

A Guide to the Best Italian Food Books

Which are the best Italian food books? I have lived in Italy for 10 years, my wife is Italian and a great chef - she put together a list of essential reading...

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This is Italy....

Fancy Driving in Italy?

Planning on driving in Italy? Then you need to click "continue reading" below...

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Secret Italy Index

The Secret Italy Index features many of the most beautiful and undiscovered small towns and villages in Italy.

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Italy on Fire

This is Italy - Part 1 - Stunning Footage

The Venaria Palace - One of the Top Five Tourist Attractions in Italy

The Venaria Palace is one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Italy. The palace, just outside of Turin, is a UNESCO world heritage site and...

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Turin Attractions – A Walking Tour of Turin

Put on your walking shoes! Turin is best explored on foot and I have the perfect walking tour of Turin. All the best Turin attractions are...

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Turin is my old home town. Join me in discovering this great city

One of the great cities of Europe, I've lived in and loved Turin (Torino) for 8 years. Elegant and enchanting, let me share its many secrets...

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It Broke My Heart: Travel Insurance for Italy

The stories we heard broke our hearts. So, when people ask: "Is travel insurance for Italy necessary?" we reply...

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The Best Tours of Piedmont Italy

Exceptional tours of Piedmont - including Barolo wine, slow food , walking tours and golf and cycling tours plus much more...

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Slow Food Italy - The Finest Foods are Slow Foods

Discovering Slow Food Italy was for me the discovery of a new life entirely. Slow food is not only about the best food in the world but a way of life...

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The Complete Guide to Shopping in Turin

We have lived nearly ten years in Turin and share some great advice and insider tips on shopping in Turin - the best places to shop, known only to the locals

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Sardinia Photos taken on and around this Beautiful Island

Sardinia photos. Our site specializes in Sardinia, from accommodation through to yacht charters and great beaches.

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What is it about Sardinian People?

Being Sardinian I'm often asked about the Sardinian people. Let me share a few tales that will tell you everything you need to know about Sardinians...

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Restaurants in Italy - Our Pick of the Best

Our guide to restaurants in Italy offers personally selected restaurants, nearly all of which are unknown to tourists and in few, if any, guide books.

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The Most Delightful of Piedmont and Langhe Hotels

I lived in Piedmont for a decade and I discovered many of its secrets over the years. Let me share with you the Piedmont I love most...

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Photos of Rome

Rome is a city that can change your life...for the better! Most photos don't give you any idea of what life is actually like in Rome - these do!

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Undiscovered Neive - An Authentic Italian Village

You'll find a lot of gorgeous villages and little towns in Italy; many though are full of tourists. Well, here's one that is simply gorgeous and undiscovered...

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It all began when I said: "I need to buy a house in Italy!”

An idea to buy a house in Italy tuned into unforgettable evenings with friends, dinners that have to be experienced, views that take your breath away,..

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Learn Italian Easily

Learning Italian couldn't be simpler. The world's most beautiful language and one of the easiest to learn. Everything you need to learn Italian is here...

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Lake Orta - Most Beautiful and Romantic of all Italian Lakes

Lake Orta, an inspiration to poets and writers for centuries and without doubt the most romantic lake in Italy and most romantic places on earth.

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The Loveliest Walking Tour of Turin

This Walking Tour of Turin covers markets, museums and wonderful cafes and takes in the best of Turin. No better way exists to discover one of Europe's great cities.

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Italy Food - Recipes from Le Marche

Italy Food - In this section we look at recipes from Le Marche - a cuisine combining the traditions of North Italy and South Italy. Truly delicious!

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Turin Chocolates – Home of The World’s finest Chocolate

Think of Switzerland when you think of gourmet chocolates ? Close but not quite. Go a little further South to Turin Piedmont and you will find...

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Food in Sardinia

What can I say about the food in my Sardinia? This is the real food in Sardinia and once you've tried it you will be hooked...

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Discover the Secrets of the Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre Italy is one of the most famous and beautiful coasts in the world. For many years Maria and I lived near here and we discovered many of its secrets.

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Calabria's Coast of the Gods

Why does everybody forget about Calabria? Foreign tourists rarely venture to the sun-soaked toe of Italy’s boot. Yet this is Calabria’s Coast of the Gods

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Best Beaches in Liguria and the Best Towns

The best beaches in Liguria. Liguria is the weekend escape for Italians living in Turin and Maria (my wife) and I spent our summer weekends exploring...

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Alba Italy is perhaps THE gourmet capital of Piedmont

Thinking of visiting Alba Italy? I lived near Alba for ten years, few places in Italy are more beautiful. Let me share its secrets with you.

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The Perfect Italian Itinerary

Planning a trip to Italy? Then you really need to read our Italian itinerary before booking a single thing.

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I remember the first time I arrived in Montemarcello. I'd walked from Ameglia, through forests, views of blue seas far below, the Alps in the distance. I walked into town and fell instantly in love.

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Tellaro - One of Italy's Best Kept Secrets

Everyone knows the Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast but there is somewhere just as lovely with hardly any tourists? It's Tellaro!

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Fires Rage in Sardinia

Bus Tragedy - Capri

Tragedy in Capri: a bus plunges of the road with 30 people on board and lands on a popular beach. Sadly, the driver was killed and four people, including a young child, are in serious condition. Thankfully, the bus landed just behind the main beach area otherwise the death toll would have likely been far higher.

The driver, a young man by the name of Emanuele Melillo, was expecting his first child and it is believed he may have suffered a heart attack while driving but this is not yet confirmed.

Please pray for the victims.

Creamy Fettuccine with Basil, and Cheese

The World's Tastiest Fettuccine with Basil and Cheese - one of my favorite Fettuccine recipes and easy to make....you HAVE to taste this.

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Praia a Mare - The Seaside Italy of Long Ago

Praia a Mare reminds me of the Italian seaside towns of my youth - simple yet enchanting. The scent of jasmine, oranges and lemons perfumes the air...

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UNESCO has put Venice on notice. At its plenary session at the end of July there is a proposal to put Venice on the endangered list. To give the Italian government until next February to ban cruise ships from the heart of Venice.

The Italian government was first warned by UNESCO in 2012, but failed to take action. Still today, as I write this, cruise ships of nearly 100,000 tons are sailing up the Giudecca canal, past irreplaceable treasures such as St Mark's square - damaging the very foundations of Venice.

It is not only the city of Venice though: the wetlands around Venice, one of the most important wetlands in all of Europe and home to nearly a million birds, are also threatened.

The future of Venice is put at risk for short term profit. I will let MSC know how I feel. If you would like to do the same you can on https://www.msccruisesusa.com/forms/contact-us

Support the campaign against the huge cruise ships on https://www.facebook.com/comitatonograndinavi/ and https://www.weareherevenice.org/category/against-giant-cruise-ships/

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