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Discovered! A different Italy. Most visitors to Italy know Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany. There is SO much more.

Far from the everyday Italian tourist traps there is another Italy. A rather special Italy.

Join me and my wife Maria in exploring the places, people and products of Piedmont, le Marche, Liguria and Sardinia.

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Trebbia Valley

On my first trip to Italy, I focused on the usual; Rome, Florence, Siena - all wonderful. As part of that first trip, I had the opportunity to make a

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Discover the Secrets of the Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre Italy is one of the most famous and most beautiful coasts in the world. For many years Maria and I lived near here and we discovered many of its secrets. Now let us share them....

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Beaches and Castles in Calabria

Calabria is one of Italy's most beautiful places and yet it remains mostly undiscovered by international tourists. Check out these gorgeous photos for a taste of what it can offer...

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The Complete Guide to Shopping in Turin

My wife and I have spent nearly ten years in Turin. On our site we share some great advice and insider tips on shopping in Turin, included are many of the best places to shop known only to the locals

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Secret Italy Index

The Secret Italy Index features many of the most beautiful and undiscovered small towns and villages in Italy.

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La Villa Hotel - the Finest Boutique Hotel in Piedmont, Italy

The La Villa Hotel is very special. It is without doubt the finest boutique hotel in the Piedmont Region of Italy and one of the three best hotels in all Italy.

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8 Enchanting Days in Italy

All it takes is 8 days and you'll have the most wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Ready to begin? Let's go...

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Amalfi Coast - Walk of the Gods

We take you to the Amalfi Coast, on a walk along the Path of Gods, said by many to be the most spectacular walk in the world. Unforgettable views of the Mediterranean and so very much more await...

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The Perfect Italian Itinerary

Planning a trip to Italy? Then you really need to read our Italian itinerary before you book a single thing.

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Picture Book Italy - Portofino

Picture postcard perfect, that's what you get when you visit Portofino. You sometimes you feel it can't be real. Have five minutes? Let me share this idyllic town with you.......

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My Italy- Restaurants & Nightlife Guide

Maria's Italian Restaurants Guide - The Tre Galline restaurant dates back to 1575 and continues to offer excellent Piedmont fare - the menu is the same as it was back in the day too.

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A Superb Sardinia Boat Vacation

A Sardinia boat vacation is a great idea. Charter your own and head off into the sunset - you'll be amazed at how affordable and easy to arrange it is.

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The Best Beach in Sardinia and in Italy

Summer is too short to be wasted. You need the best beach in Sardinia to make it worthwhile. We have all of them right here for you.

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Become a part of the Secret Italy Club. Membership is open for a short while longer and we'd like you to be a part of the family.

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Alba Italy is perhaps THE gourmet capital of Piedmont

Thinking of visiting Alba Italy? I' lived near Alba for ten years, few places in Italy are more beautiful. Surrounded by some of Italy's most picturesque vineyards let me share its secrets with you.

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Walks and Hikes in Tuscany - Experience Tuscany like a Local

Walks and hikes in Tuscany can only be wonderful: with cypress-lined lanes, quaint villages and picturesque farmhouses. So… lace up those walking shoes, pack your back-pack, and don’t forget the sun cream, we’re off to where the walking is as enchanting as the wine.

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Italy on Facebook

The most gorgeous photos of Italy from Facebook, all in one place for your enjoyment. Which is your favorite?

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The Italian Real Estate Site

Finding that dream home in Italy can be a challenge. Having been down that road ourselves Maria and I have plenty of excellent tips on Italian real estate. You can't afford NOT to read our guide.

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Travel through Italy in Photos

Planning on visiting Italy or still only dreaming? Either way you can travel through Italy for free with these gorgeous photo galleries...

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Italy's Best Kept Secrets

Ever wondered if there are some secret and stunningly beautiful corners of Italy? There are! Let me share Italy's best kept secrets...

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Want to Work on an Organic Farm in Italy?

Want to work on an Organic Farm in Italy? Here's the story of a couple from New York who did just that. Definitely worth reading before you make a decision

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Villas Holidays Sardinia

Villas Holidays in Sardinia? We are the specialists in Sardinian rentals. Personally selected homes from Olbia and Alghero to Arbatax and beyond.

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The Venaria Palace - One of the Top Five Tourist Attractions in Italy

The Venaria Palace is one of the top five tourist attractions in Italy. The palace, just outside of Turin, is a UNESCO world heritage site and equal or better than even the palace of Versailles.

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Urbino is a Small, Absolutely Gorgeous and Entirely Wonderful place

Thinking of visiting Urbino? Then I think I have discovered the perfect place to stay. This lovely town was the first place my wife and I stayed in Marche after moving to Italy over ten years ago...

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Turin Italy is my old home town. Join me in discovering this elegant city

One of the forgotten great cities of Europe, Turin or Torino was my home for eight years. It is an elegant and enchanting city that I love deeply. Let me share its many secrets...

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Turin Attractions – A Walking Tour of Turin

Put on your walking shoes! Turin is best explored on foot and I have the perfect walking tour of Turin. All the best Turin attractions are here from Palazzo Madama through to a ghost...

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Trieste - City of Cafes, Castles and Great Coffee

The Italian city of Trieste, once known as Vienna-on-sea, is a city most tourists never discover. That is a real shame as this is a city with so much to offer...

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Trains in Italy

Looking to travel to Turin from Nice by Train? We have everything you need to know about this and other train journeys in Italy in our comprehensive insider guide to trains in Italy.

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A Traditional Italian Dessert - Zabajone

A traditional Italian dessert, Zabajone is a delicious treat for the whole family. This is the authentic recipe straight out of Italy......

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Tour Sardinia and the Beaches of Italy with us

Tour Sardinia takes you on an exploration of this most magical of Mediteranean Islands. From beautiful beaches through to ancient villages Sardina has it all. There are many ways of exploring..

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Torino Italy - The Tram Restaurant & City Guide

Amazing - eating a four course dinner on a tram! If you are visiting Torino Italy then the Tram Restaurant is a lovely way to see this magnificent city while eating great food. Check out the video ...

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Love this Tomato Based Sauce for Pasta

I'm Maria. Italian, and love cooking. So many folks have asked me for a simple tomato based sauce for pasta that I thought I'd share my favorite.

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Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

A mouthwatering Tiramisu Recipe and easy too. Not for nothing the name means pick me up in Italian. Maria's authentic recipe is now on our site...

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