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Discovered! A different Italy. Most visitors to Italy know Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany. There is SO much more.

Far from the everyday Italian tourist traps there is another Italy. A rather special Italy.

Join me and my wife Maria in exploring the places, people and products of Piedmont, le Marche, Liguria and Sardinia.

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Italy on Facebook

The most gorgeous photos of Italy from Facebook, all in one place for your enjoyment. Which is your favorite?

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The Italian Panettone Recipe - An Essential Part of Christmas in Italy

Maria's traditional Italian Panettone recipe. The most famous Italian Christmas cake of them all.

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The Complete Guide to Shopping in Turin

My wife and I have spent nearly ten years in Turin. On our site we share some great advice and insider tips on shopping in Turin, included are many of the best places to shop known only to the locals

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The Best Tours of Piedmont Italy

Exceptional Barolo wine tours of Piedmont. Other tours available include slow food tours, walking tours of the Langhe and Cinque Terre and golf and cycling tours plus much more...

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A Beautiful Le Marche Itinerary

The first thing that will strike you in Le Marche is the wonderful bucolic landscape. Then, over the next few days this Marche itinerary will enchant you with the warmth of local people...

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Our Italian Newsletter

Our Italian Newsletter is packed full of great insider tips about Italy, from Venice to Piedmont and much more in between - and it is all for FREE.

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Turin Attractions – A Walking Tour of Turin

Put on your walking shoes! Turin is best explored on foot and I have the perfect walking tour of Turin. All the best Turin attractions are here from Palazzo Madama through to a ghost...

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The Loveliest Walking Tour of Turin

This Walking Tour of Turin covers markets, museums and wonderful cafes and takes in the best of Turin. No better way exists to discover the heart and soul of one of Europe's great cities.

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Undiscovered Neive - An Authentic Italian Village

You'll find a lot of gorgeous villages and little towns in Italy; many though are full of tourists. Well here's one that is simply gorgeous and still undiscovered...click to discover Neive.

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Tiramisu Recipe from Italy

A mouthwatering Tiramisu Recipe and easy too. Not for nothing the name means pick me up in Italian. Maria's authentic recipe is now on our site...

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Trieste - City of Cafes, Castles and Great Coffee

The Italian city of Trieste, once known as Vienna-on-sea, is a city most tourists never discover. That is a real shame as this is a city with so much to offer...

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Urbino is a Small, Absolutely Gorgeous and Entirely Wonderful place

Thinking of visiting Urbino? Then I think I have discovered the perfect place to stay. This lovely town was the first place my wife and I stayed in Marche after moving to Italy over ten years ago...

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The Ivrea Carnival, A Fabulous and Very Scary Battle of Oranges

Enjoyed food fights when you were a child? Then get to the Ivrea carnival in Piedmont Italy - you will love this – the mother of all food fights.

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Discover the Italy of your Dreams

Maria and I share with you the secrets of our Italy - the wonderful places, people, beaches and cuisine of the regions we love most.

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The Hotel/Restaurant Su Barchile in Orosei Sardinia

Planning to visit Orosei Sardnia? The Su Barchile is top of the list of places to stay and dine. Maria, Peppe and Antonella own and run this gem of a small hotel and restaurant.

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The Best Beach in Sardinia and in Italy

Summer is too short to be wasted. You need the best beach in Sardinia to make it worthwhile. We have all of them right here for you.

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Gallery Italy – Beautiful Photos of Italy

Gallery Italy features some magnificent photos of Italy, evocative and beautiful, these photos capture the timeless beauty of Italy.

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Homemade Lasagna - An Authentic Italian Recipe

A delicious authentic homemade lasagna recipe. This is the way my old Italian granny-in-law cooks it and I can tell you it is great...

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Piedmont Cooking and Recipe Guide

Piedmont cooking is the finest in Italy. These are some of the most famous and best recipes selected during my ten years of living here.

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Sardinia Beaches - The Best Beaches in Italy

The Sardinia Beaches Guide selects the best beaches in Sardinia and Italy. Everything you need to know about discovering paradise in Sardinia is here...

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Piedmont Tour or Wine Country stay – these Piedmont apartments are perfect

Need a Piedmont Tour or Wine Country stay? My handpicked selection of the finest country apartments, many located in villas and farmhouses, is the answer.

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Best Beach Hotels Sardinia

Over the last ten years we have visited some beautiful beach hotels in Sardinia but one stands out for us. Discover which one it is here..

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Love this Tomato Based Sauce for Pasta

I'm Maria. Italian, and love cooking. So many folks have asked me for a simple tomato based sauce for pasta that I thought I'd share my favorite.

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Italian Lake Holidays

Discovered! Italy's most romantic lake and Italian lake holidays perfect for kids. If it has to do with the Italian lakes we have it covered...

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Chia Beach Sardinia - The Best Beach in Sardinia?

Discovering the best beaches in Sardinia and Italy is my job. I am often asked if Chia Beach Sardinia is the best on the island, well my answer is always....

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The Limone Ski Resort in Piedmont Italy

The Limone ski resort offers great food, great skiing and magnificent scenery. The town and the Valli del Cunese are certainly well worth a visit. Discover its secrets!

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The Hotel Danieli in Venice Italy

Yearning to unwind in opulent luxury? Would a magnificently restored 14th century Venetian palace do the trick? Then visit the Hotel Danieli in Venice Italy.

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Authentic Melanzane alla Parmigiana

I've tried many recipes over the years for this recipe and nearly all were great. Then I tried this one and...WOW!

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Sestriere Chalets and Travel Guide

Sestriere chalets and inside information on one of Italy’s premier ski resorts. The secrets of Sestriere await your discovery

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Your Cinque Terre Weather Guide

The Cinque Terre Weather Guide... everything you need to know about the weather in the Cinque Terre from January through December and lots of other insider information too..

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Piedmont - an Insiders Guide to Discovering this Magical Italian Region

Is Piedmont the nearest place in Italy to paradise? It is! Simply click and discover why...

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Italy Travel Books

I lived in Italy for ten years and these Italy travel books truly tell it like it is. A few great coffee table books too full of evocative photos of this beautiful country.

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Which is the Best Costa Smeralda Beach?

Which is the best Costa Smeralda beach? I have set myself the task of finding the best one. The hard work of ten years of summers spent on beautiful beaches has paid off. I have the answer at last!

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Why Visit Italy?

Why visit Italy? People have asked me that on many occasions. Now all you need to do is visit this page and you'll instantly have the answer.

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