Photos of Procida Island

There is an island in the Mediterranean that, for centuries, has drawn artists, writers, and poets. It is said of this island that once you visit, you'll never wish to leave. Those who must depart will forever leave a part of their soul here and will never feel whole again unless they return.

If you are prepared to lose your heart and soul to this magical island, read on and view the photos; otherwise, I'd suggest you leave now before it's too late.

These photos were shared with us by Susanne Drewes, an important member of our little Facebook community. Susanne spends as much of the year as possible on Procida, and she writes as follows about her winter, spring, summer, and fall at La Vigna (where she always stays). Susanne explains beautifully why she loves this island below and then shares her photos of the island, here is Susanne's story:

"In early spring, there is silence all over the island. Very few tourist have arrived and the slow rhythms of winter life on the island are only slowly beginning to pick up a little speed, though, honestly, this is not an island where there is ever a lot of speed. No, here life it lived slowly, thoughtfully and according to nature's rhythms and seasons. When I arrive is April the vines in the garden of the Albergo La Vigna are still bare.

Slowly, late spring turns into early summer, and with it come the first few tourists. The leaves and grapes on the vines begin to grow, and with each passing day, they get bigger and sweeter.

July and August are busy, restaurants are full, and boats are always leaving and departing, bringing in and taking away the many tourists. It can get a little crowded for my liking then, and I recommend visiting in May, June, or September/October if you aren't one for crowds.

At the end of August, most of the tourists leave the island, and one day in late September, the grape harvest begins. Local folks work hard, but they have so much fun that it doesn't seem like work at all. The sound of laughter and the colorful chatter in the local dialect add music to the air everywhere as locals of all ages work together in a wonderful community spirit. Even the seagulls seem to get into the spirit as they circle above while watching the fun down below. They shout out, "Ha-ha-ha. Do they think that, when the leaves get brown and fall from the trees in November, they'll drink the new wine too?

By late November, Procida goes into hibernation, the streets fall quiet, many restaurants close, and only the fishermen continue their endless epic story—a story that has played out for millennia, the story of a few men in small boats and their search for fish and their struggles with the seas and storms of winter."

I loved the way Susanne described the island above, she captured the magic of live on this little outcrop of paradise beautifully. Now, let me share with you Susanne's photos of Procida....

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Morning on Procida
Corricell Town Procida Island

La Vigna

La Vigna (click for more) is the hotel where Susanne always stays on the island. She absolutely loves the hotel, and take one look at these photos,  taken in and around the hotel, and you'll see why. What a setting!!

Sunset from La Vigna
La Vigna Hotel
Hotel La Vigna Logo
Mural La Vigna
Vineyards of La Vigna

Around the Island and the Corricella Marina

Restaurant in Corricella
Fishing Boats Procida
Port in Procida
Chiesa Madonna delle grazieChiesa Madonna delle Grazie.
Nightfall ProcidaDay or night, Procida is always gorgeous.
Sunset on Corricella
Bay of Naples

Where is Procida?

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