by Pete Hussey

A very recent piece on a sister site by Andrew and Maria about the lovely little beach resort of Caorle, a little east of Venice, brought to mind my visit to this town a year or two back.

As is usually the case, I was on a day trip from Mestre with Italian friends so much of what was included in the original post here missed me but reinforced the need to return. So to my photos which, I hope, complement the original article.

Nothing spectacular about the first photo - it could be anywhere and we see the very necessary 'passeggiata' so beloved by Italians. The beach consists of very fine sand and about as fine as you would wish to find.

Behind me as I photographed were row upon row of beach bed/umbrellas. I did swim here but you don't need to see a modern day Adonis rising from the waves - too much excitement isn't good for you!

At the eastern edge of the beach is a raised sea wall consisting of large boulders with a fine path along it leading to the small church 'Madonna dell'Angelo' known commonly as the fisherman's church. There is a fascinating legend about it far too long to tell here. Apparently a church has existed on this site for many hundreds of years.

Next photo shows the lovely inside of this beautiful small church and if that doesn't tickle your palate to visit then nothing will.

Moving back outside to the seawall footpath - you will notice that many of the rocks have amazing carvings on them and I show just one that particularly amused me. The trend began in 1993 when artists arrive every two years to add to the 100 or so already there. Surely worth a visit in it's own right?

Look at the next photo - notice the colourful houses so it is not only Burano that paints there houses so brightly. By the way, the bell tower you see is actually leaning and it is not me with bad technique or tripping over in my frequent mode.

(All photos taken with Fuji X-Pro1 + Fujinon XF18-55 lens)

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