by Pete Hussey

As I recently began to reminisce about past trips, this lovely wild beach immediately sprang to mind. This is Ca'Roman near Pellestrina.

Coming from Mestre was an interesting experience requiring 7 forms of transport ending with a very long walk along the sea wall path. Part way along the walk there is a tiny hut where the owner sells refreshment although the Spritz wasn't quite as cool as I would prefer. My friends apologised for the wild sea saying it wasn't normally like that but, coming from Devon, wild sea is nothing unusual for me.

Apparently the area around here is a site of special scientific interest with almost 200 species of bird either living there or passing through on migration.

In one photo you can see in the distance work being carried out on the MOSE project designed to protect Venice.

This beach also contributed to yet another affronts to my dignity. I decided to leave my friends in the sea and return to the dunes where we had deposited our towels and clothes.

As I jogged up the beach in my best Baywatch mode, I caught my foot in one of the many bits of wood on the beach and fell completely flat on my face. I scampered in a less Baywatch manner to the dunes thinking I could scrape the fine sand off before my friends returned but no, they followed not far behind and found me doing my best impression of a gingerbread man vainly trying to remove the sand.

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