Favorite Lakes

by Pete Hussey

Lago di Caldonazzo

Lago di Caldonazzo

Today I thought I would have a look back at some of my Italian lake visits.

Now I have to admit that the number I have visited can be counted on the fingers of...three fingers. The first lake is Lago di Caldonazzo taken from Monte Cimone as we descended. I was on my way to Levico Terme to catch a train back to Mestre after a few days walking the mountains.

Next is lago di Levico some 20 miles north east of Malcesine. This has some small beaches and many swim from them.

Then there is a photo of me in lago di Garda at Sirmione. I don't normally show myself, after all, we log on here to see Italy. However my story is that my friend suggested that I might like to swim in the lake. I walked almost knee deep and felt that I had lost all sensation in my legs from the mountain water. Whilst attempting to exit, I slipped and fell full length on my back so here I am, pretending that it was pleasant and attempting to save what little was left of my dignity.

Last of the photos is the little beach at Malcesine at the northern end of Garda. I didn't make the mistake of paddling there!

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