Noale in Veneto, visiting a small town

by Donna Maria

Last fall two friends and I traveled in Italy. It was a girls’ trip. One that promised to be full of fun and some new adventures. We were not disappointed.

One of our stops was in a gracious old town, Noale in Veneto.

It was as expected. Small and quiet. There were no tourists. The town center was busy but certainly not crowded. The town, like many in the low-lying areas of Veneto, is flat as a pancake; and there are several canals to help to drain away rain waters. This makes for lovely walking areas. No real inclines to deal with. Great for meandering, sight seeing and chats.

There is a square in the center of town with a lively and well-attended farm, antique and flea market on Sunday. People of all ages bicycles through town.

Around the square are a number of shops, none particularly trendy or upscale- just very real and inviting.
The town has a train station and Venice is less than 30 minutes away. It is small, accessible and a short walk from the center of town.

While there we had daily morning coffee at the cafe in the square, caffetteria Lounge Dersut. There is service indoors or on the large covered veranda. Amazing pastries and “toast” (which is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich) that is filling and big enough to share. There was a lovely Neapolitan pizzeria a block away in Via Tempesta.

Especially impressive was Al Gallo a small but fine restaurant featuring fish dishes. In good weather there is an open covered patio with grape arbors and tiny white lights. Food was delicious, as was the house special wine

CastelFranco was a lovely day trip. Accessible by train, the town square Piazza Giorgione, holds a castle, moat and small park. Larger than Noale, there are shops on two sides of the Piazza There is a lovely duomo, of course, a lovely theatre and a university. As we walked along the streets we were treated to the sounds of classical music drifting on the air from the music school

On our last morning we drove to Venice airport. The drive is about 30 minutes. A very easy drive on two lane roads with average traffic.

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Oct 29, 2019
A Wonderful Read
by: Maria

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Donna, I absolutely loved reading it and I know everyone else will too.

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