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My family and I have always loved the beaches on the East Coast of Sardinia, the ones we wrote about here. Everyone has their own favorites, though, and a visitor shares his family's most loved beach, and they are spectacular. Read on...

Chia Beach

A Beach Recommendation by Guido & Family

The best beach holidays and best beaches in Sardinia are the ones in the Baia di Chia (click to read more on this beach).

I find myself unable to compare the beach near Cagliari to the eastern shore gems on your site. My travels have yet to lead me there, but for a beach retreat within easy reach of Cagliari, this particular spot has woven a tapestry of memories that I am eager to share.

The bay is graced by a multitude of beaches, and, of course, there is the Stagno di Chia, a salt-water lake that adds an extra layer of enchantment.

On many occasions, this lagoon transforms into a haven for pink flamingos, turning the landscape into a painter's palette of pastel hues—an unexpected and delightful encounter that has become a hallmark of our visits. The children are always so excited whenever they spot a flamingo, and I am just as excited, though I always try to act restrained, but that is not easy. The sight of a wild flamingo is a feeling I can't explain in words.

What sets this coastal haven apart is its rustic charm—a slice of rural bliss that coexists harmoniously with the nearby city of Cagliari. It seems almost unimaginable that there is a city not far away. It seems like you are a million miles from the hustle and bustle of Cagliari.

A beach vacation here is akin to escaping into a world of serene isolation—a serene interlude in the midst of nature's grandeur. Our family has forged lasting memories amidst the safe, sandy shores, complete with inviting rock pools that beckon the children to indulge in the timeless joy of fishing for tiddlers and crabs.

Dolphins in the bay sometimes accompany the symphony of the sea with their synchronized swimming displays. Their acrobatic feats, a source of perpetual wonder, elevate the beach experience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of young and old alike.

In the array of beaches, I hold a personal preference for one with the somewhat foreboding name of Cala del Morto, translating to the "beach of the dead." However, despite the rather scary name, there is no dreadful history here that I know of. The name is derived from the presence of a simple cross paying homage to the departed.

In the tapestry of this coastal retreat, two other contenders for the title of "best beach" emerge—Isula Manna and Cala Cipolla. The latter, situated just beyond the bay, is filled with captivating reefs, perfect for sunseekers like me and avid scuba enthusiasts (like my other family members) to partake in the pleasures of the deep.

Having succumbed to the allure of this coastal haven, I confidently wager that, like us, you'll find yourself drawn back time and again. The magnetic charm of the beaches, the whimsical dance of dolphins, and the tranquil ambiance create a pull that transcends the ordinary—a dreamlike journey that beckons you to return. 

I nearly forgot, don't forget to rent a car otherwise it is really hard to explore the beaches and venture inland to the nearby villages. Last year the car rental prices were crazy, so you need to shop around.

Guido and Gabriella

cars in Italy

Andrew's reply: Thank you for sharing these beaches and they are definitely gorgeous. In fact, we have an article about the beaches around Chia and a great video - you can view it on our Chia beach page.

The thing I like best about Chia is that you can combine a beach holiday with a few days in Cagliari, which is a really lovely city. The beaches are fantastic too, although not as good as those beaches on the east coast of Sardinia. Oh, and returning to the subject of Cagliari, I can recommend a visit to the city all year round. Even in winter, Cagliari is a great choice for a winter break, here's why.

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