Best Beaches in Italy
Maria Pia Beach near Alghero Sardinia

One of our friends, Ceridwen Harwood, recently sent us some lovely photos of Maria Pia beach in Alghero Sardinia. This must be one of the best beaches in Italy.  I'll let Ceridwen tell the story:

I have to tell you about this incredible beach I discovered in Sardinia called Maria Pia Beach near Alghero. It's like stepping into a dream! Picture yourself sinking your toes into soft, powdery sands while the sun gently kisses your skin. The water is so clear and inviting, you won't be able to resist taking a dip.

But it's not just about lounging around. Maria Pia Beach is buzzing with life and excitement! You'll find families building sandcastles, groups of friends playing beach volleyball, and couples just enjoying each other's company. It's a place where laughter fills the air and happiness is contagious.

And wait until you see what's beneath the surface! The snorkeling here is out of this world. You'll be surrounded by vibrant coral reefs and a kaleidoscope of colorful fish; it's like being in your very own National Geographic documentary, Okay, it is not quite the Maldives, but it is about as good as it gets in the Mediterranean, and there are lots of colorful little fish in all sorts of bright colors. A couple of people said they'd even seen an octopus. Trust me, you won't want to leave the water!

Now, if you're feeling adventurous, there are so many water sports to try. Jet skiing, parasailing—you name it! And if you're more into a relaxed vibe, grab a kayak and explore the hidden nooks and crannies along the coast. It's the perfect way to soak in the tranquility and beauty of this place.

Oh, and the food! You know how much I love my seafood, and Maria Pia Beach delivers on that front too. There are these charming beachside bars and restaurants where you can indulge in the freshest catch of the day. I swear, the flavors will transport you straight to foodie heaven. And don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious gelato while watching the sun paint the sky in stunning shades of pink and orange. It's pure magic.

I can't recommend Maria Pia Beach enough. It's a slice of paradise that will make your heart sing and leave you with memories to cherish. So pack your swimsuit, grab your sense of adventure, and let's plan a trip together. I promise you won't regret it. Get ready to fall in love with Maria Pia Beach, just like I did!

I agree with Ceridwen completely—this is a stunning beach. I particularly love the shady trees just behind the beach itself. These trees are great for a lunchtime picnic, an after-lunch nap, or a bit of cool shade after a long morning of lying in the hot Sardinian sun.

Best Beaches in Italy - Maria PiaMaria Pia Beach by Ceridwen Harwood

Where to Stay near Maria Pia Beach

I've got the perfect place for you to stay near Maria Pia Beach—the Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa. It's our top pick, and you won't be disappointed! Located just half a mile from the beach, this charming hotel sits on its own headland, offering breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

The moment you step foot inside, you'll be greeted with warmth and hospitality. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, providing a peaceful retreat after a day of sun-soaked adventures. And the best part? The spa! Treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage or indulge in a pampering session that will leave you feeling like royalty.

But it's not just the amenities that make Villa Las Tronas special—it's the attention to detail and the personalized service. The staff will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. From recommending the best local restaurants to arranging exciting excursions, they've got you covered.

And did I mention the food? The hotel's restaurant serves up delectable dishes that showcase the flavors of Sardinia. Fresh seafood, mouthwatering pasta, and tantalizing desserts—it's a culinary experience you won't want to miss.

Plus, the location couldn't be more perfect. You're just a short stroll away from Maria Pia Beach, and when you're ready to explore, Alghero's charming town center is only a ten-minute walk away. Alghero's old town is delightful, filled with narrow cobblestone streets, vibrant markets, and charming cafes.

Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa is the ultimate choice. Trust me.

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Maria Pia Beach  Boats on Maria Pia Beach - photo by Ceridwen Harwood
BeautifulBeach in Sardinia Photo by Ceridwen Harwood

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