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Candelo Flower Village

Candelo, an authentic medieval village, lovely in its own right. Towering castle walls with impressive towers dominate while stone cottages and cobblestone lanes charm even the most jaded souls...

Candelo in Flower

...Come here though, on an even numbered year, during May (19th to the 27th) and you'll be awe-struck. May is when the Italian flower festival to beat all Italian flower festivals transform Candelo into one of the loveliest villages I've ever seen.

Every street, every piazza and every tumbledown stable is covered with magnificent color.

Attractions of the Ricetto di Candelo

Of course, if you are here in May, the flower festival is the prime attraction. If you aren't then the old medieval walls and the buildings that formed part of it (known as the Ricetto di Candelo) are the highlights.

These ancient structures were a place of refuge for locals during times of war and for the storage of agriculture and valuable goods during times of peace. Their existence date back to the 10th century. A good idea is a visit to the Ricetto Museum which does a great job of explaining the history of the walls and the village.

The medieval parts of the city are the best preserved in Piedmont and it really is a joy to wander these cobbled lanes, admiring the stone houses leaning this way and that. If you come in early spring or during the fall you'll find few tourists and you'll have the pleasures of an authentic Piedmont town all to yourself.

Hotels in Candelo

I love the awesome, and romantic beyond belief, Pavone Castle (click for more). It's only a 45 minute drive away from Candelo so my first choice would be the castle. Still a night in Candelo itself is a charming way to really experience the soul of authentic village life in Piedmont. If you do stay the night consider the Mimosa Bed & Breakfast.

Where to Eat in Candelo

Best place to eat in Candelo? Well it's easy really, head to the Taverna del Ricetto di Candelo which is located in piazza Castello, right in the medieval part of the village. You're sure to love the rustic atmosphere and the delicious local cuisine. The rapport between quality and price is very favourable indeed and service is attentive and friendly.

Candelo  courtesy of candeloeventi.it

Where is Candelo

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