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If undiscovered is your thing then you'll love Castelmezzano. A medieval village tumbling down a spectacular cliffside in a region of Italy few have ever heard of let alone visited. This is the Basilicata region, largely forgotten and overshadowed by its more famous Calabria and Puglia neighbours. 

Here is one of the most wonderful spots in Italy's deep south so why do so few foreign tourists ever visit? No idea!  Better for the few who do though.

Castelmezzano at night

What to See

Well there is no one thing that stands out, it is more the whole village and the surroundings that combine to take away your breath.

Mountain peaks remind me of the Dolomites up north while the village runs down the mountainside in a delightful and completly higgledy-piggledy sort of way. In some places the village and the cliffs seem almost one.

The photos on this page shared with us by Lorenzo Palazzo (one of our Facebook community) capture the magic of the place,

Of course if you need a few old churches or castles to make a trip here worthwhile then you should be satisfied. There is the remains of an old castle and a lovely 13th century church called the Chiesa Madre; then there are plenty of old houses, cottages and villages to admire.

For those who like a little more adventure you are in luck. You can't get much more exciting than the Flight of Angels which enables you to fly across the sky, soaring over mountain spires and ancient villages, like an eagle at over 100 kph. The flight was the dream of the villagers of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa who wanted people to fly between villagers. It's kind of hard to explain the concept but the photo below gives you an idea.

Castelmezzano Flight of Angels

Where to Stay and Where to Eat

Definitely best value is the Al Balcone delle Dolomiti ,which offers views you'll never forget and a warm southern welcome. In terms of where to eat try the Al Becco della Civetta in Vico 1° Maglietta, 7. They may cost a little more than most restaurants in the area but their local dishes are superb.

Photos of Castelmezzano and Surrounds

Winter in Castelmezzano

Sometimes winter here is the most beautiful time of all.

Castelmezzano Streets

The narrow lanes of the village, meandering up the hillside, are a joy to explore.


The neighbouring town of Pietrapertosa is another delightful hill town. The Flight of Angels runs between here and Castelmezzano.


Rush hour in Basilicata.

Here is another wonderful town in Basilicata.

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