A Great Restaurant in Piedmont Italy

The Cascina dei Canonici +39 320 7531160
Cascina Girardi, 1 S.Pietro, 10057 Sant'Ambrogio di Torino, Italy

Piedmont Countryside Cascina dei Canonici

This restaurant in Piedmont, Italy is run by the Barone family and is an agritourism legend among locals from as far away as Torino. I am writing a review of the food side of things, but it is also a great place to stay and explore the Val di Susa. It is particularly Ideal if you'd like to spend a few days in rural bliss and complete tranquility.

People seldom share this restaurant, in fact, it is such a secret that it is very difficult to find – some say this is on purpose so that only those genuinely interested in sampling the real Piedmont cuisine make the effort to find it. My advice to you is to make the effort – it’s worth it. After all, Piedmont is home to some of the best food in Italy and the cuisine is rated on of Italy's finest!

How do you get there?  You will need a car and the easiest way to get there is to follow the directions to the Sacra di San Michelle on your GPS navigator. Just after the parking for the Sacra di San Michelle, you will see a wooden sign. Follow this sign and you are there.

The restaurant is, for gastronomes, one of the places where you can experience authentic Piedmont cooking at its best. The motto of the Barone family is “If we don’t make it ourselves you can’t have it.”

It is difficult to recommend any singular dish because the menu changes almost daily depending on the daily harvest. The cuscini d'angelo made with crepes, spinach, and cheese, if available, is great, as is anything with polenta. Their roasts, in true Piedmont style, are ridiculously wonderful.

A great option is their menu degustazione, which allows you to taste a little of everything, two antipasti, two starters, two main courses, and dessert – all for around 30 euros. Order a bottle of local wine together with a bottle of water from their local spring.

It is best to book beforehand, as this place is very popular with locals, and they only open the restaurant, to the outside public, Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime.

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