Sestriere Chalets and Travel Guide

No doubt this is one of Italy’s best ski resorts, with excellent facilities and a stupendous natural setting. The town lies in the center of a truly spectacular range of mountains and slopes known as the via Lattea, or Milky Way in English.

Sestriere Italy

Nestled in the majestic Italian Alps, Sestriere attracts ski enthusiasts from around the globe. With over 400 kilometers of excellent ski slopes the slopes of Sestriere offer a thrilling playground for skiers and snowboarders alike.

With a range of difficulty levels, there's something for everyone.

  • Thirty slopes are designated as challenging, ensuring an adrenaline rush for seasoned athletes seeking a thrilling descent. 
  • For intermediate skiers, there are seventy-three slopes of moderate difficulty, providing the perfect balance of excitement and control. 
  • Beginners, too, will find their place on the forty-two gentle slopes designed to instill confidence and ease into the joys of skiing.

What sets Sestriere apart is its commitment to ensuring exceptional skiing conditions throughout the season. With over 75 kilometers of slopes covered in artificial snow, the resort guarantees a consistent and rich variety of terrain for skiing pleasure. Even during milder winter spells, you can rest assured that the well-maintained slopes will deliver optimal skiing experiences, allowing you to explore new routes and embrace the exhilaration of each descent.

Sestriere offers fantastic opportunities for cross-country skiing enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape as you glide through well-groomed cross-country trails, breathing in the crisp mountain air and marveling at the stunning alpine vistas.

When you visit Sestriere, the options are seemingly limitless.

From snowboarding and snowshoeing to ice skating and snowmobiling, the winter adventures extend far beyond the slopes. Take a break from skiing and immerse yourself in the vibrant après-ski scene, indulging in delicious alpine cuisine and sipping warm mulled wine by crackling fireplaces.

Sestriere in SummerSestriere in Summer

Sestriere owes its fame and indeed its establishment as a ski resort to Agnelli of Fiat fame; apparently, he decided that this would be the perfect place to establish a ski resort, and how right he was.

Work on the ski resort started in 1937, with the first Sestriere hotels and Sestriere chalets being built shortly after. The resort has continued to grow in stature ever since. It is now rated as one of the best resorts in the world.

Where to Stay in Sestriere

The Eidelweiss Chalets, mentioned earlier, are a good option but if you would rather a hotel then I really do suggest you try the Hotel Shackelton, with its well-appointed rooms, breathtaking mountain views, and warm hospitality, it provides a tranquil retreat after a day on the slopes.

Great Ski Resort but...

Perhaps because Sestriere was one of the world’s first purpose-built resorts, it is unfortunately little more than just an exceptional ski resort. What is missing is the characteristic village aspect of some of the other Piedmont resorts.

The result is that Sestriere is not the best choice if you would like to combine your ski holiday with a little of Piedmont’s culture, history, and culinary delights. However, it does offer an excellent apres-ski scene with more than thirty bars and a very lively nightclub.

In the summer, it offers a lot of excellent hikes to suit all levels of fitness and some challenging climbing routes too.

Our Tip: If you want great skiing AND an authentic Piedmont experience then perhaps Bardonecchia is better but Sestriere is still a great resort.

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