Plan your escape to Canale di Tenno

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Trentino, Canale di Tenno makes you feel as if you have just walked into your own personal nativity scene. This enchanting hamlet has ensnared my heart with its medieval allure and natural splendor. There is nowhere else quite like this. it is an experience to treasure, a step back in time.

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Canale di Tenno

Getting There

Embarking on your Canale di Tenno adventure is a delightful odyssey in itself. A car is essential to explore and reach Canale di Tenno, but parking can be an issue. A car offers the liberty to traverse scenic routes at your leisure, allowing you to savor every vista along the way. 

There is payment parking just below the village; from there, you have a bit of a steep walk into the village. Get there early during the summer months and in December. Make sure you wear good walking shoes.

What to See

lane in Canale di Tenno

Upon arrival, be prepared to lose yourself in a labyrinth of cobblestone streets adorned with medieval stone houses and vibrant floral displays. In and around town you'll stumble upon the most wonderful views of mountains and glimpses of lake Garda sparkling like a sapphire jewel in the distance.

There are some amazing murals on the walls too, so be sure to look up frequently as you wander the lanes. All through the town are little stores selling craft products and traditional foods.

Begin your sojourn at Casa degli Artisti, a cultural haven where local artistry takes center stage in captivating exhibitions. Delve into the annals of history at the Church of San Lorenzo, where centuries-old frescoes adorn the walls, narrating tales of bygone eras with mesmerizing allure.

A visit to the quaint little shop called the Mercatino di Natale is well worth the time.


Tenno lake

While Canale di Tenno bewitches, nearby attractions beckon with promises of further enchantment. A 30 minute walk leads to the crystalline waters of Lake Tenno, a serene oasis offering respite and rejuvenation amidst nature's embrace.

When to Visit

Spring and summer unveil a kaleidoscope of hues, with blooming flora and temperate climes ideal for outdoor pursuits. However, autumn and winter unveil their own distinct charms, offering vistas adorned with fiery foliage or glistening snowscapes, each season presenting a unique tableau of splendor.

The Christmas period is especially lovely, with little Christmas markets and an absolutely enchanting Christmas atmosphere. Being inside a life-sized Nativity scene is unbeatable.

What to Wear for Canale di Tenno by Season

Spring: Layer with a light sweater or jacket over a long-sleeved shirt, paired with jeans or trousers and closed-toe shoes. Bring a waterproof jacket or umbrella.

Summer: Opt for light, breathable clothing like cotton tops, shorts, or dresses. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection. Comfortable walking shoes are a must,.

Autumn: Bring layers like a sweater or light jacket, paired with jeans and comfortable shoes for walking. Consider packing a waterproof jacket and umbrella for unexpected rain showers.

Winter: Bundle up with a warm coat, hat, scarf, and gloves, along with layers like sweaters and thermal shirts. Wear sturdy boots for walking on potentially icy paths. Don't forget to pack an umbrella in case of rain or snow.

Where to Eat

Hearty fare such as polenta paired with succulent game meats is the tradition around these parts, but there are no restaurants doing the local cuisine justice apart from a little place called Locanda del Borgo that does some decent panini and local cakes like walnut and apple strudel. For a decent restaurant, your best option is to head to Riva del Garda.

Where to Stay

village of Canale di Tenno

Immersing oneself in the village's charm is best achieved through a stay in a historic stone house. The best of these lovingly restored abodes is La Piazzetta di Canale B&B, which offes a harmonious blend of comfort and authenticity.

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