Traditional Italian Dessert - Zabajone

A traditional Italian dessert called Zabajone (written Zabaglione in most of Italy outside of Piedmont) is a delicious treat for the whole family. Well, maybe not the whole family, as it is full of wine; perhaps make it when you have no children for dinner. Zabajone has been enjoyed for centuries. It is a sweet, creamy custard-like dessert that is flavored with wine and served with sponge fingers and fruit. A delicious dessert, perfect for special occasions, but it's also easy enough to make for a cozy night in.

This recipe is one of our favorites, and we always tend to associate it with some of the most magical and romantic evenings in our lives. I hope it creates the same magic for you.


Maria and I love sharing our favorite Italian recipes and "our" Italy with you, so please stick around a little and explore. Take your time, though; put your feet up and enjoy... Italy is not one of those things that should be rushed.

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As with all dishes from the beautiful Piedmont region of Italy, this traditional Italian zabajone recipe really tastes better if you use authentic ingredients when preparing it. 

Zabajone Ingredients:

  • Eggs,
  • sugar,
  • Moscato sweet white wine (if you don't have moscato use marsala or another sweet wine)
  • Maraschino is the best to use but you can use any other light-colored liqueur in the absence of Maraschino,
  • sponge fingers.
  • strawberries or cherries

Calculate the quantities as follows:

For each person: three egg yolks, three teaspoonfuls of castor sugar, and a wine glass of wine and liqueur mixed equally.

Cooking Instructions

  • Mix the wine and liqueur equally.
  • Whip up the yolks of the eggs with the sugar, then gradually add the wine and liqueur mixture.
  • Put this in a bain-marie, and stir until it has thickened to the consistency of a custard.
  • To avoid disaster ensure that whatever happens you don't let it get to the boil.
  • Serve hot in custard glasses with the sponge fingers and decorate it with the strawberries or cherries.

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