San Ginesio - Simply Gorgeous

San Ginesio was badly hit by the earthquake, and rebuilding is still in progress. Visit anyway to show your support for the people who need all the support they can get. 

San Ginesio is one of those little villages where you get an immediate sense of belonging. Once you arrive, you'll feel as if you should never leave. Actually, even before you arrive, the moment you see San Ginesio on a distant hilltop, you'll know you've found something special. 

Where to Stay in San Ginesio

San Ginesio is the gateway to the magnificent Sibillini National Park and mountain range, making it a good base to explore this part of the Marche. If you'd like a hotel right in the village, you'll need to book at the Est Locanda. It is the ONLY option and fills up quickly so don't wait to long to book.

San Ginesio

About the Town

What a joy it is to explore this wonderful medieval town. Most of the old town was built around five hundred years ago, and yet it is perfectly preserved.

Highlights are the churches and the old walls, but really everything, from the piazzas to the tiny family-run shops, is a joy.

San Ginesio is famous too for once being an important Jewish village, but little of that history remains now. much like the once large Jewish community in Venice most were forced to leave over the centuries.

For more on what San Ginesio has to offer watch the video below...

Where to Eat

Treat yourself to lunch at Restaurant San Fabiano (click for map and address) which is located in the surrounding countryside. If available, order Vincigrassi, a famous dish from the area related to lasagne (although the locals will deny that vehemently and claim lasagne was copied from them).

When to Visit

Anytime from May to September is good, but the best would be the second week of August when the medieval festival is held. All the town gets into medieval mode, with costumes galore and ancient battles reenacted.

The winters in San Ginesio do get cold, but, despite that, especially around Christmas time, the atmosphere is delightful. It is such fun getting caught up in the Christmas spirit with the locals; everyone is so full of the festive spirit, and warm greetings of Buon Natale and huge helpings of Panettone are everywhere - so much so that you won't even notice the cold.

Where is San Ginesio


If you would like a guided tour of the area, please let me know. I have a friend from here whose family has lived in these parts for generations.

Normally, I'd suggest you explore on your own, but in this case, the tours are so unique and offer such a superb "insiders'" perspective that they are well worth doing. Contact me below for more.

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